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Power Factor 0.8 or 1.0


27 2021

Power Factor

Normally 0.8 to 0.95 will do. The impact of too high or too low can be compared to the water carried by a bucket. Water is like active power generator, and the bucket is like reactive power. Only a bucket can lift water.

But if the power factor is too high, its like filling the bucket very full. It doesnt matter when its stable. Once a bit of disturbance, its easy to spill the water. Too low is like filling the bucket with less water, which is safe, but the bucket also has weight and consumes power. The efficiency is low ; if you install an 8-point or 9-point full, you are not afraid of disturbance, and the efficiency is higher.

The size of the diesel genset power factor is related to the nature of the load of the circuit. For example, the power factor of resistive loads such as incandescent bulbs and resistance furnaces is 1. Generally, the power factor of circuits with inductive loads is less than 1.

Power factor is a coefficient that measures the efficiency of electrical generator equipment. The low power factor indicates that the reactive power used by the circuit for alternating magnetic field conversion is large, which reduces the utilization rate of the equipment and increases the power supply loss of the line.

Each motor system consumes two large powers, which are real active power (unit: watts) and reactive reactive power (unit: watts). Power factor is the ratio between useful work and total power. The higher the power factor, the greater the ratio between useful work and total power, and the more efficient system operation.

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